Rocket Chairs


Made from polished galvanised construction tubing and fittings, with rare vintage aircraft seats finished in a deep tan, cream piping and buttons. The angle of the seat and rake of the arms have been specifically designed for maximum comfort and to create a sense of movement and speed.


Climb on board and get ready to blast off into your living space !



£1,600 for pair


Gran Turismo chair


Designed to exude sophisticated Italian style, this unique chair features the seat from a classic Maserati Ghibli GT - a very rare car - which is finished in supple black leather. Being from a Grand Tourning car, the comfort and support are excellent. In addition, the electric reclining feature has been retained via a 2 way switch connected to a very small rechargable 12v battery pack hidden in the rear of the seat. The frame is made from polished galvanised construction tubing and fittings.